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Dr. BethAnn Gorby

I have lived in the Tri-State area practically all my life. I graduated as the Valedictorian from South Side Area High School in 1989 and attended Washington & Jefferson College for the next four years. I went on to The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated with my DVM degree in 1997. My husband Steve and I have three wonderful kids ~ Tanner, Hunter and Kassie, along with two dogs, six cats, a rabbit, and koi fish. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and gardening.

I grew up on a farm with many animals and have always had a love for all of them. I knew when I was eight years old and got my first (and only) pet buck sheep that I wanted to be a veterinarian. I have never changed my mind and love what I do. Since graduating from veterinary school, I have worked at three different clinics in the Tri-State area. I enjoy helping the companion animals of the community and hope that as a whole, we can continue keeping our pets and furry friends healthy and happy.


Breanna Hopwood, Vet Assistant

My name is Breanna Hopwood and I have been employed at Animal Medical clinic as a veterinary assistant for several years. Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion for animals, and growing up on a farm only further solidified my aspirations to work within the field of veterinary medicine. Each day may bring different experiences, but I am thankful that I am able to make a positive impact on each animal that visits the clinic. 

I grew up in Lisbon, OH but currently reside in Chester, WV with my loving husband, Joe. Together, we have a hobby farm which includes: 3 dogs (Jenny, Midas, & Brandy), 5 cats, a horse, a couple goats, and many chickens. In the coming year, I intend to begin milking my Nigerian dwarf goats, all the while continuing to raise chickens and selling the eggs. 

When I am not at work, I enjoy archery hunting, fishing, and of course, spending time with my animals.  

I look forward to working with you and your pets!


Devynn Hopwood, Vet Assistant

Hello! My name is Devynn Hopwood and I have been a veterinary assistant at Animal Medical Clinic since July 2018. What started out as simply another job, has become much more than that! I am very passionate about providing education and resources to clients, in an attempt to allow each pet to live the best life possible. 

I currently reside in Hancock County with my seven-year-old son, Shane, and my mother & father. Family is very important to me, and I don’t know where I would be without the love and support of my parents! Within our household, we have two dogs (Claire & Koda) and one cat (Princess). 

When I am not working, I enjoy the finer things in life: being my son’s #1 fan at sporting events, hunting, fishing, and riding around in my jeep wrangler.

I look forward to meeting you and your pet when you visit Animal Medical Clinic!


Tara Talkington, Vet Tech

My name is Tara Talkington. Ever since I can remember, I have had a love for animals and a dire passion to help them; In fact, when I was a young girl, I actually jumped in front a moving vehicle to save my cat’s life!

Over the years, I have worked in various fields ranging from hospitality to the food industry. In July 2015, though, I opted to make my love and passion for animals my career, and I enrolled in classes at the Vet Tech Institute of Pittsburgh. I graduated in December 2016 and started working at Animal Medical shortly thereafter.

When I started working here at the clinic, I had two dogs: Lilly (a beagle mix) & Disco (a jack Russell); Both Lilly and Disco were very dear to my heart, but I unfortunately have had to wish them well as they passed over the Rainbow bridge. Currently, I have five cats: Shenzi, Rebel Belle, Arya, Sansa, and Jon Snow (AKA Panda). I am also fortunate to have adopted a rabbit named Sunny Bunny from the Vet Tech Institute while I was there!

My next adventure that I am currently working on is capturing the feral cats that I come across in my neighborhood and getting them spayed or neutered, in an attempt to cut down on the feral cat population that inhabits downtown Weirton.

Animal Medical Clinic has been a wonderful place to work, and I very much enjoy being part of the amazing team that we have! The staff here at the clinic are very compassionate about their work and are extremely caring in the midst of difficult situations, such as what I experienced with Lilly and Disco.


Baylee Lamb, Vet Assistant/Receptionist

Hello, my name is Baylee Lamb and I am 23 years old. I have four pets total: 1. Cletus, an orange, long-haired tabby whom I rescued from the shelter when they brought him in for an injured leg and being blind in one eye. 2. “BB”, a long-haired, grey and white tabby whom I rescued from the office when a client brought her in after finding her within their trashcan, injured. Unfortunately, someone had shot her in the head with a BB gun, not once, but twice! 3. Daisy, a pit-bull whom I rescued from the shelter when they brought her to the clinic due to a reaction to a medication. 4. A bearded dragon named Pancake.

A few of my hobbies include: hunting, fishing, cooking, and spending time with my family and animals. I also enjoy painting for a more relaxing hobby.

I love animals of all sorts and enjoy helping them live their lives to the fullest extent possible. This is why I absolutely enjoy working here at the clinic. Seeing dogs and cats of all ages brings joy to each day, especially when I can do my best with helping them. This job provides me with so many new learning experiences, and I am fortunate to be able to expand my knowledge regarding animal health and well-being. 

I look forward to meeting you and your precious pets here at the clinic!


Lisa Hoder - Vet Receptionist

Hello! My name is Lisa Hoder and I am a 46-year-old mother of three, whom I love with all of my heart! Following the birth of my oldest daughter, I made the commitment of being a stay-at-home mother, to ensure that all of my children’s needs were met; now that my children are older, I have more time to focus on myself, and I have been blessed with a job that lets me enjoy one of my biggest loves: animals. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved all animals, big and small. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to own a variety of pets, but the majority of which have been dogs and cats. Luckily, my children and I share the same love for animals; in fact, one of my daughters, Baylee, is the second receptionist here at the clinic. 

I currently reside in Hancock County with my dear husband, whom is a Sheriffs Deputy K9 officer. Within our home, we have six dogs (Winston, Odie, Stella, Charlie Brown, Bella, & K9 Brando), a rabbit, and the recent addition of a kitten (Opal).

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know all of our clients and their precious pets!


Tre Beaumont - Practice Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Edward Beaumont III, but you may know me as Tre. I have been working at Animal Medical Clinic since May of 2020, and have had the privilege of being a veterinary assistant, and now the clinic manager. While a large portion of my job centers around the business portion of the practice, I do really enjoy seeing the pets that visit our clinic. 

After graduating from Oak Glen High School, I attended West Liberty University and graduated with both a Bachelor’s degree & Master’s degree in Biology in 2018 and 2020, respectively. I am currently in the process of applying to veterinary school with the goal of attending school and specializing within the field of veterinary oncology. 

My passion for animals began when I was a youngster and has continued to flourish over the years. I have had the privilege of owning a multitude of animals ranging from dogs and cats to reptiles and sugar gliders. Currently, I have two boxers (Axle & Maya), two cats (Pixie & Belle), several leopard geckos, and a handful of fish. 

When I am not working, I tend to enjoy the simpler things in life. You can most often find me reading a good book, cooking or baking, tuning into some of my favorite reality tv shows, and planning a multitude of vacations (beach, specifically) that I may or may not be able to take. 


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Feedback from our clients

  • "They spent a lot of time with my dog being she was terrified of the vet. Everyone is really nice. Highly recommend!"
    Linda T.
  • "Dr. Gorby is the best vet I've encountered. She takes time to get to know the pet and the pet parents and clearly likes her patients. The staff is without exception very courteous. I wish the staff at my former primary care doctor's office had been as courteous. I recommend the Animal Medical Clinic."
    Paul B.